Multicultural IPA


At the end of April we hooked up with our friends at The Bronx Brewery in New York to spend a day brewing with them, as part of a trans-Atlantic collaboration that came about following a visit there this time last year. We were so impressed by their beers and saw a lot of parallels in their approach to brewing to that of Rooster’s that we arranged to go back and brew a one-off beer.


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The beer in question is an IPA that’s been brewed with the addition of Darjeeling tea from India, courtesy of the good folk at Taylor’s of Harrogate, before being aged on Amburna wood, which is native to South America and often used to age Brazilian Cachaca. To top things off, we also took a bottle of Harrogate Spring water, which was added to the mash to make sure there was a little bit of Yorkshire in their too. The grist was made up of malts from both the US and the UK, whilst the hops were varieties from New Zealand.


IMG_7866    Ida Rivera


The resulting beer is called Ida Rivera’s Mulitcultural IPA and reflects the various parts of the world and the five different continents from which the ingredients were sourced. In case you’re wondering who Ida Rivera is, her name is scrawled on a canvas painting (of what looks like Frida Kahlo) that was found when the guys at Bronx were clearing out their warehouse, ready to move in. Saved from being thrown in the trash (we may have picked up a bit of the lingo whilst over there), the painting now sits proudly above their brew plant, keeping a watchful eye on things. We felt it would have been remiss of us if we didn’t acknowledge her presence in the creation of this beer.


Twenty-four kegs are currently on the ocean, making their way to Rooster’s and will be available for our free trade customers, all being well, in early July – so keep your eyes peeled for your chance to try what is a very rare beer. We’ll be saving a keg or two for our Brewery Open Day on July 16th, so you’ll have chance to sample some then, alongside a few other beauties, if you’re planning on joining us.


If you’re not familiar with Bronx beers, a selection are already being imported and are available in the UK, predominantly in London at the moment, so make sure you grab some when you see it, as they’re pretty damn tasty.


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Multicultural IPA


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At the end of April we hooked up with our friends at The Bronx Brewery in New York to spend a day brewing with them...